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By Ovid; Downing, Eric; Mann, Thomas; Kierkegaard, Søren; Ovid

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This learn explores 3 works during which the protagonist undertakes to model a literary art

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Nec tibi turpe puta (quamvis sit turpe, placebit) ingenua speculum sustinuisse manu. (211-216) D o not hesitate to place the footstool for her trim couch, and take off the slipper from her dainty foot, or put it on . . N o r think it base (although it is base, it will give pleasure) to hold a mirror in your freeborn hand. As the poet makes clear at the end of this passage, all these action are done pro servo, in the slave's stead (11,228); and again, whereas such a condition is essentially alien to the elegy, it is emphatically etched into the concluding activity in the Ars excerpt.

Similarly, regarding the paraded duces, et erunt quae nomina dicas, si poteris, vere, si minus, apta tarnen. (221-28) And you will have names to give them, true ones, if you can, but if not, yet names that are fitting. By the same sophistic, rhetorical principles by which the poet shapes and creates his artwork, the praeceptor's pupil is to shape and create his affair. For each, ars is a form of playful pretence and verisimilar deceit, a playing at words without a corresponding background. For each, simplicitas (cf.

Ovid has just introduced his programmatic proposition, arte regendus amor (»love must be ruled by art«), by a comparison with the technical requirements for the far more impersonal governance of ships and chariots: as Tiphys was the magister of ships and Automedon of chariots, so Ovid becomes the artifex Amori. By a characteristically Ovidian turn, the abstract amor is momentarily metamorphosed into the deity Amor - savage, but nonetheless a boy of tender and tractable age - and this in turn prepares for the example of Chiron and Achilles: Phillyrides puerum cithara perfecit Achillem atque ánimos placida contudit arte feros.

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Artificial I's : the self as artwork in Ovid, Kierkegaard, and Thomas Mann by Ovid; Downing, Eric; Mann, Thomas; Kierkegaard, Søren; Ovid

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