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I have learn almost about each credible ebook on al-Qaeda and that i in truth need to say this book's now not definitely worth the cash I paid for it. the data it includes are available on the net. a superb substitute is Ben Venzke and Aimee Ibrahim's THE al-QAEDA hazard: An Analytical consultant to al-Qaeda's strategies

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The prospect of isolation and being told to step aside did not deter Assad. The wild card in the Syrian turmoil was once again Iran, more significantly than had been the case in Bahrain. To what extent would Iran help Assad, and to what extent would removal of Assad hurt Iran? Those questions were particularly important to Israel, which could tolerate Assad (again, the known-quantity factor) but would see any increased involvement by Iran as a serious threat. When Iran began issuing statements urging Assad to reduce the ferocity of his countermeasures against the insurgents, the puzzle became even more complicated.

Another example of this tension could be seen in Morocco in the aftermath of the turmoil in Egypt. King Mohammed VI proposed a series of reforms that would have the monarch share certain duties with the prime minister and other councillors, while the king retains almost all the most significant authority. A clause in the proposed new constitution called for “freedom of faith,” which the Islamicoriented Justice and Development Party immediately criticized as challenging the primacy of Islam and opening the door to conversions to Christianity and other religions.

This is the setting for real-time diplomacy in a media-centric world. CHAPTER 2 THE MEDIA REVOLUTION Media do not create revolutions; people with courage do. Media can, however, accelerate the pace of a revolution and help build its constituency. When pitted against a government, a revolutionary movement can use media as an information equalizer in telling its story, managing logistics, and accomplishing the many small communications tasks that must happen in concert if the uprising is to succeed.

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