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Kahn and F. Loh, Alien and Unwin, Sydney. 1994 'Gender and modernity in Malaysia,' Modernity and Identity: Illustrations From Asia, ed. A. Gornes, La Trobe University Press, Bundoora. 1996 Matriliny and Modernity: Sexual Politics and Social Change in Rural Malaysia, Alien and Unwin, Sydney. 1998a 'Theorising gender, power and modernity in affluent Asia,' Gender and Power in Affluent Asia, eds K. Sen and M. Stivens, Routledge, London. 1998b 'Sex, gender and the making of the Malay middle class,' Gender and Power in Affluent Asia, eds K.

275; Reddy 1992). One area where less change is apparent is intermarriage between ethnic groups: there was almost no such intermarriage in 1975 (Hirschman 1975) and low rates continue. In part this is due to religious differences among the various ethnic groups. Among the more important changes in marriages have been a decline in arranged marriages and a concomitant rise in free-choice romantic marriages. This trend is associated with modernist ideologies of companionate marriage, 'freedom' from arranged marriage and searches for intimacy.

They acknowledge many of the gains made by the population at large, and the improved employment and educational conditions for women-Wan Azizah is one proof of the new ways of living open to many Malaysian women. But critics also point to disadvantages experienced by women: these include discriminatory laws, poor working conditions in factories, a neglect of rural women, who continue to be virtually invisible in much government planning in spite of some attempts to redress this, continuing problems of family workers, stresses produced by the juggling exercise that contemporary urban life imposes on women, and the continuing emphasis on women's reproductive roles in much representation of women (see World Bank 1999a).

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