R. Troć (auth.), H.P.J. Wijn (eds.)'s Actinide Monochalcogenides: Pnictides and Chalcogenides III PDF

By R. Troć (auth.), H.P.J. Wijn (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3540291776

ISBN-13: 9783540291770

ISBN-10: 3540470433

ISBN-13: 9783540470434

The Landolt-Börnstein quantity 27 bargains with the magnetic homes of non-metallic inorganic compounds in response to transition components, akin to there are pnictides, chalcogenides, oxides, halides, borates, silicates and phosphates. A survey of the contents of all subvolumes that experience already seemed or were deliberate to seem is outlined at the inside front hide. in an effort to hide the big volume of magnetic and magnetically similar homes of the lanthanide and actinide pnictides and chalcogenides that seemed in literature lately, the subvolume 27B needed to be break up into subvolumes B1...B8. Subvolumes 27B1, 27B2, 27B3, 27B4 and 27B5 (published among 1998 and 2003) take care of lanthanide pnictides and chalcogenides. Pnictides are outlined as compounds containing no less than one of many parts P, As, Sb or Bi (V-th team of the Periodic System), and chalcogenides are outlined as compounds containing one of many parts S, Se or Te (VI-th crew of the periodic system). the 3 subvolumes 27B6, 27B7 and 27B8 conceal the homes of actinide pnictides and chalcogenides. Subvolume 27B8 (published in 2004) offers with ternary actinide pnictides and chalcogenides, whereas in subvolume 27B7 (published in 2005) facts on binary non-equiatomic actinide pnictides and chalcogenides are given.

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Magnetic moment, p0. 75 93PKG, 74DL Hyperfine field of 237Np, Bhf, vs. 76a 95K1, 93PKS 88BBAK Hyperfine field of 237Np, Bhf, vs. 76b Inverse molar susceptibility, χm−1, vs. 1007/978-3-540-47043-4_3 ß Springer 2009 11 12 3 Survey: General Properties of Actinide Monochalcogenides (AnY) Compound Sample State NpY (Y = S, Se, Te) Electronic, crystal structure, magnetic and related properties Figure Electrical resistivity, ρ, vs. 78A Energy dispersion of f-d bands: Energy, E, vs. 78Bb Heat capacity, Cp, vs.

C. , vs. c. c. 42a ellipticity, εk, vs. 42b tensor elements, σ1xy = Re σxy, σ2xy = Im σxy, vs. c. Reflectivity, R, vs. c. Diagonal optical conductivity tensor element, Re σxx, vs. 44a 95KOAE, 84S2, 95KOAE, 84RSV1 Diagonal optical conductivity tensor element, Re σxx, vs. 44c tensor element, Im σxy, vs. c. F Polar Kerr rotation, θk, vs. 45a energy, hν, up to hν = 6 eV; experimental data compared to calculations Kerr ellipticity, εk, vs. c. 46 Kerr rotation, θk, and Kerr ellipticity, εk, vs. 47 vs.

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