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By Vivienne Sanders

A new version for HL choice 2, heritage of the Americas, subject 17: Civil rights and social hobbies within the Americas post-1945
The well known IB degree background sequence, combining compelling narratives with educational rigor.
An authoritative and fascinating narrative, with the widest number of assets at this point, aiding scholars to advance their wisdom and analytical abilities. This moment version provides:
- trustworthy, transparent and in-depth narrative from subject specialists
- research of the historiography surrounding key debates
- committed examination perform with version solutions and perform questions
- TOK help and old research inquiries to aid with all points of the Diploma

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M. Bumsted, published by Oxford University Press, Toronto, Canada, 2007, pages 417–18. What were Harold Cardinal’s grievances in Source R, and how justified were they? ’ Cardinal … [observed] that while ‘Canadian urbanites have walked blisters on their feet and fat off their rumps to raise money for underdeveloped countries outside Canada’, Canadians generally did not ‘give a damn’ about the plight of their own Native people. He also attacked ‘Uncle Tomahawks’ among his own people who continually apologized for being Aboriginal… Cardinal was also a critic of Canada’s ‘two founding peoples’ [English and French] concept, pointing out that it did not recognize ‘the role played by the Indian even before the founding of the nation state known as Canada’.

Other Canadians grew increasingly affluent after 1945 and First Nations people sought to decrease the disparity by regaining lost lands and the observation of treaty rights. The discovery and exploitation of new raw materials in the North of Canada threatened Aboriginal lifestyles and prompted activism. Sometimes government insensitivity encouraged activism, as with the Trudeau government’s White Paper. indb 40 05/12/2012 12:40 Chapter 1: Native Americans and civil rights in the Americas Queen Elizabeth II (Head of State) appoints Governor General appoints Executive branch of federal government Prime Minister (always the leader of the largest party in the Commons) advises Governor General to appoint Cabinet + Parliament (in the capital, Ottawa) Legislative branch of federal government Senate House of Commons 105 senators, appointed by the Governor General on the advice of the Prime Minister 308 members of parliament (MPs) elected by Canadian people + Supreme Court Judicial branch of federal government Provincial government Nine justices, appointed by the Governor General on the advice of the Prime Minister, hear appeals from lower courts The constitution empowers the legislatures of the provinces to tax and to legislate on certain subjects.

Some organizational experience had been gained. When many Church-educated Indians became advocates of Native rights, the Churches adopted less aggressively assimilationist policies. In 1945, responsibility for Native health was transferred from the Department of Indian Affairs to the Department of National Health and Welfare, which contributed to some improvement in Indian health. Although a special parliamentary committee report on the Indian Act (1948) ‘demonstrated continued Euro-Canadian disregard for the traditions of Canada’s first peoples’ (Finkel and Conrad, 1993), the revised Indian Act of 1951 ended the ban on potlatches and Sun Dances.

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