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By Jeremiah Curtin

Absolutely Illustrated. the 1st 3rd of this ebook is a travelogue which describes Curtin's Siberian trip; it is a interesting glimpse at Tsarist Siberia ahead of the Revolution. The final two-thirds of the booklet is a rare list of the mythology of the Buryats. there are numerous parts came across in different places via Asia and Europe equivalent to epic horses (and horse sacrifices), battles with giants, a World-mountain and 'the water of life', (see The Epic of Gilgamesh). There also are special components similar to heroes with oracular books embedded of their our bodies.

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A JOURNEY IN SOUTHERN SIBERIA THE MONGOLS, THEIR RELIGION AND THEIR MYTHS BY JEREMIAH CURTIN WITH A MAP, AND NUMEROUS ILLUSTRATIONS FROM PHOTOGRAPHS 1909 A Journey In Southern Siberia By Jeremiah Curtin. This edition was created and published by Global Grey 2015. uk Table of Contents Prefatory Note Maps Chapter 1. The Birthplace Of Mongol Activity Chapter 2. My Journey To The Buriats Chapter 3. Collecting Myths Chapter 4. The Horse Sacrifice Chapter 5. Journey To The Island Of Olkhon Chapter 6.

Had Jinghis Khan never lived, those Turks, or western Mongols, known afterward as Ottomans, would never have left Asia and ruled on the Bosporus. The Mongols have played an immense part in the past, and they bear in them at the present the great mystery of the future,—a mystery of deep import to all men. The birthplace of that mystery was the mountain region south of Lake Baikal. In view of this I visited that central land of Siberia where the family of Jinghis had its origin. I think it well to give here a brief outline sketch of Siberia, a country which covers an area of fourteen and one half million square kilometres; that is, about one ninth of the whole continental surface of the globe, but which to the mind of most readers is an unknown, boundless, cold, dreadful wonderland.

In one moment our carriage was half its length in advance of the other. " shouted Nikolai, as he turned and looked back. " The enemy urged on his horses, lashed them, but he could not win now. Nikolai gained on him steadily till the end of the level land was reached, when he was perhaps two lengths ahead. At that point the road descended very gently for a mile or more, and then rose with another hill. No man could find, or construct a better race course. Nikolai turned for a moment to look at the other man, then with a series of shouts rising higher and higher, and with a deft use of his whip, he impelled those three horses down that road at full speed.

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