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By Moulavi Geragh Ali

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In publishing this paintings, my leader item is to take away the overall and inaccurate impact from the minds of ecu and Christian writers concerning Islam, that Mohammad waged wars of conquest, extirpation, in addition to of proselytizing opposed to the Koreish, different Arab tribes, the Jews, and Christians; that he held the Koran in a single hand and the scimitar within the different, and forced humans to think in his project. i've got endeavoured during this ebook, i think on enough grounds, to teach that neither the wars of Mohammad have been offensive, nor did he by any means use strength or compulsion within the topic of trust. ** [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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The persecutions suffered by the early Moslems 1-11 II. The Meccans or the Koreish 11-16 III. The defensive character of the wars of Mohammad 16-34 IV. The Jews 34-40 V. The Christians or Romans 40-41 VI. The intolerance 42-51 VII. The ninth chapter of Sura Barát 51-55 VIII. The alleged interception of the Koreish caravans by the Moslems 55-60 IX. The alleged assassinations by the command or connivance of Mohammad 60-76 X. The alleged cruelty in executing the prisoners of war 76-91 XI. Some miscellaneous objections refuted 91-114 XII.

In what sense they are used in the Koran 168 8. Conventional significations of Jihád 169 9. , quoted 170 10. When the word Jihád was diverted from its original signification to its figurative meaning of waging religious wars 171 11. All verses of the Koran containing the word Jihád and its derivations quoted and explained 176 12. The above verses quoted with remarks 177 The Meccan Suras. 13. Lokman, XXXI, 14 ib. 14. Furkan, XXV, 53, 521 178 15. The Pilgrimage, XXII, 76, 78 ib. 16. The Bee, XVI, 108, 111 179 17.

The biographers, both Arabian and European, have gone so far as to assert that there were 27 expeditions led by Mohammad in person, and 74 others headed by persons nominated by himself, making in all 101. This number is given by Ibn Sád Kátib Wákidi (vide Kustaláni, Vol. VI, page 386). Ibn Is-hak also gives the number of Mohammad's expeditions to be 27, while others led at his order are put down at 38 only (vide Ibn Hishám, pp. 972 and 973). Abú Yola has a tradition from Jabir, a contemporary of Mohammad, who mentions only 21 expeditions.

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