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By Günter Steck

ISBN-10: 3804131883

ISBN-13: 9783804131880

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Im Bereich der Gesellschaftsanalyse hat die neuere Systemtheorie wichtige Auseinandersetzungen ausgelöst. Die Frage, welche Beiträge die Systemtheorie für die examine von Sozialisation und Subjektbildung liefert, führt dagegen in ein noch kaum beschrittenes Neuland. Der Band geht dieser Frage nach und versucht dabei, bewährte strukturgenetische Sozialisationstheorien in Kontakt zu systemtheoretischen Sichtweisen zu bringen.

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Thus, Hammett’s Red Harvest was published first as four separate ‘‘novelettes’’ in Black Mask (November 1927– February 1928) and then, with some revision, published as a novel in 1929. In a slightly different fashion, Raymond Chandler could splice two Black Mask short stories (‘‘The Curtain’’ [September 1936] and ‘‘Killer in the Rain’’ [January 1935]) plus parts of two other stories to create his first novel, The Big Sleep (1939). For Chandler especially, the integration of several short Hard-boiled narratives into a single, relatively coherent larger one was challenging, but he did it again twice (Farewell, My Lovely and The Lady in the Lake).

The Hard-boiled detective was sure only of himself; he had a full measure of the post–World War I disillusionment with moral and patriotic abstractions. The Engaged detective is always confident in his abstract principles (tolerance, equality, harmony), never in himself. He is not sure if he is acting properly, especially if he is white and male and Protestant; but he knows what constitutes proper action. He has an agenda. Many Engaged series start with a polemical premise: the author has his or her detective investigate cases that involve a particular identifiable group of citizens who are oppressed in some degree by the inhumane prejudices of the racist, sexist, capitalist majority of society.

Hammett is favored by those who prefer authenticity, Chandler by those who prefer art; but Hammett is far from artless, and Chandler certainly claims a kind of authenticity. James M. Cain and W. R. Burnett were also masters of the Hard-boiled, but did not write detective stories. Erle Stanley Gardner wrote what were by far the most popular stories and novels in the form, producing them with a remarkable efficiency (John Creasy was his efficient ................. 11135$ $CH1 05-18-05 11:00:15 PS PAGE 46 1: THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE DETECTIVE STORY, 1841–2004 47 counterpart in the Classical vein).

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100 Holzbau-Beispiele: nach DIN 1052 (2004) by Günter Steck

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